Playmaker Program

You are a Playmaker.

Where hard work and opportunity meet to create Success.

Playmakers are the teenage men and women who have shown the desire, passion and commitment to become part of the Playmaker program; an intense one-on-one mentoring program that focuses on the entire individual through academics, athletics and life skills.

The LEMO Playmaker curriculum covers three distinct disciplines: Academics, Athletics and Life Skills. Every Playmaker is fully immersed in our ecosystem so that we can discover their challenges, break down barriers and begin the process of rebuilding a smarter, stronger more open individual.

Through the entirety of the program, we see the evolution of a young adult who is confident, self-directed and committed to their goals as an individual; as well as to helping other Playmakers achieve their goals via a strong sense of community and loyalty to the LEMO vision.

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Academic Performance

is a key component of LEMO’s mission. We are committed to closing the academic gap by setting high standards and fully engaging in our Playmaker’s educational path. Our three main objectives of the Academic program are:

  • Graduate High School with Honors
  • Attend a 4-year college
  • Earn scholarship(s)

We recognize every Playmaker is unique and different. However, our institutionalized approach remains consistent for each Playmaker. The LEMO process includes:

  • Goal setting
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Assessment of learning differences
  • Quiet & safe environment to study
  • Monthly meetings to discuss grades, testing, class behavior
  • Correspondence with guidance counselors/teachers
  • SAT Prep Courses
  • College applications
  • College visit

Athletic Performance

is where barriers are broken down and personal trust is built. Through athletics we instill confidence to define goals and the discipline to achieve them. We believe that sports is a metaphor for life, and we use it as a platform to teach character, loyalty, hard work and family.

Each Playmaker is evaluated on the basis of their individual requirements and performance expectations. A program is then developed to optimize athletic performance in their particular

sport. In addition, we help the Playmakers understand the importance of good nutrition and its impact on performance.

We have an elite group of trainers who have inspired our Playmakers through their unconventional techniques and proven results. Below are the training techniques utilized:

  • Agility: Sand and cone work
  • Speed: Track and strength training
  • Power: Weightlifting and Olympic movement exercises
  • Balance and concentration: Disk workouts
  • Endurance: Stair and pool workouts

Life Skills Performance

focuses on developing confidence and a strong sense of self in order to ensure good decisions and choices. Playmakers understand the importance of goal setting and the rewards that come from discipline and hard work. By the time they graduate high school, our Playmakers see beyond their perceived limitations and gain confidence to dream big and challenge themselves to be a better sister, brother, student, athlete and citizen.

We achieve this by providing the following:

  • One-on-one relationship building
  • Game day support
  • Seminars on leadership
  • Community outreach
  • College tours
  • Visiting with successful individuals and businesses
  • Family dinners
  • Group sightseeing/athletic training

Do not expect to accomplish your dreams if you’re not willing to help others accomplish theirs.