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The vision began with one woman, Betty Taufoou. Betty was a single mother whose unconditional love, passion, hard work, and dedication to T [LEMO Founder] and his sister, Trina, became the inspiration for the LEMO Foundation. Growing up, they faced many hardships. Still, Betty found a way to provide her kids with opportunities to be successful, and her commitment to strong values, high-quality education, and creating a better life for her children became the founding principles of the LEMO Foundation.

Inspired by Betty’s commitment to family, T & his wife, Ali, founded The LEMO Foundation to honor her legacy. On September 11, 2008, Ali and T opened their modest two-bedroom apartment to create opportunities for under-served student-athletes to pursue their dreams of a better life. Ali & T turned their dining room into an academic resource center with two desktop computers, converted their family room into a bedroom helping young student-athletes that needed a warm place to sleep, and utilized the hills surrounding their apartment and local tracks as their workout facility. 100% committed, mind, body, and soul!

Today, LEMO impacts hundreds of kids through their community outreach programs at LEMO U [43,000 square foot facility located in Redwood City, CA]. The LEMO Foundation directly supports 20 student-athletes each year with academic support, athletic training, and life skills development, as well as providing partial scholarships to over 200 students-athletes annually.

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