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Haka Bros is a catering service found by the belief that food is the ultimate channel for bringing people together and capable of building a community. For the past 3 years Haka Bros has been our “playground” to let loose striving to create the ultimate experience hoping people taste the passion and creativity in every bite of our meals. 



We are commonly known for our BBQ themed style approach utilizing smokers, flat top grills, open fire grills etc. However we pride ourselves for taking on new and different menus upon requests to deliver full customer satisfaction.





We’ve had the pleasure of being part of the stanford football environment by catering to multiple 100+ people tailgates within the cardinal community



School Events

For the past year we have been fortunate enough to cater to a handful of Sacred Heart Prep school events from fundraiser dinners to staff and faculty lunches




Catering small parties has been an experience allowing us to expand our menu and try new things 

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Food is Fuel

As a former athlete I realize nutrition is a key component to grow and succeed at a high level. CP2 was created to meet the needs of an athlete and educate the importance of food is fuel for the body. CP2 has been an educational outlet allowing me to better understand mindful nutrition so that one day CP2 grows to service all sporting arenas at the highest level.




I’ve been able to do a soft launch of CP2 and become that personal chef to 5 individuals for the past 5 months helping each individual accomplish their goals through nutrition. 

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