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Designing a world for girls to be resilient in their journey to win.


We use DESIGN, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and PHILOSOPHY as vehicles for innovation to help girls connect their dreams and goals to actionable game plans that impact the world. We challenge ourselves to build a world around this one question: How do we compete with the very best? Our answer: Execute layers of short term goals in order to secure long term impact. In other words, apply fundamental practices in order to sustain a path that consistently aligns with our aspirations. I am excited to share my passions and visions of an Innovation Lab for girls that will be driven to catapult dreams and ideas to secure a path to success for the next generation.

Let’s Take Flight!!

Also coming soon...


Inspiring kids through competitive learning.


We are excited to collaborate with the minds and hearts of children in order to build a path where they are able to compose a world they see themselves leading, influencing and championing. We are super excited to begin this journey, forming an atmosphere that encourages kids to compete for themselves and help those around them. Stay tuned for 2020 - the launch of our competitive learning environment for kids.

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