Lemo Foundation
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Focused on quality The Foundry is a truly unique place to play. We offer top quality, player-focused services, that are designed to deliver everything our athletes expect. We believe in delivering value and quality in return for the investment you make.


Everything we do is about the Athlete. Each athlete is individual and unique. Where most coaches fail to realize this, we have a deep understanding of this concept and work to understand how each and every athlete operates, mentally and biomechanically. We study athletes carefully and work with them to achieve their individual and team goals.


All of our athletes have access to Elevate. Elevate is our sports medicine and sports performance center directed by former WTA Physiotherapist, Nadine Waeghe. Elevate at the Foundry brings elite sports sciences and healthcare to the club athlete population. Services provided to the athletes include injury prevention, education, maintenance treatment and athletic training services for sports related injuries. In addition to these services, Elevate offers a full spectrum of sports sciences and healthcare services. For more details about Elevate, please visit www.elevate-performance.com.


The Foundry Team is made up of college coaches, sports medicine professionals, high school coaches, collegiate athletes and business professionals. Our goal is simple; to provide the highest quality product and service to every athlete.