Our Story

In 2008, David (T) and Ali Taufoou founded the LEMO Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Redwood City, California. Their vision was to create a home base where at-risk youth could come to feel safe, build positive relationships, develop their dreams and thrive. Their ultimate goal was to establish an environment where their kids would excel in academics, athletics and life skills.

The vision began with one woman, Betty Taufoou. Betty was a single mother whose unconditional love, passion, hard work and dedication to T and his sister, Trina, became the inspiration for the LEMO Foundation. Growing up they were faced with many hardships, but Betty found a way to provide her kids with opportunities to be successful, and her commitment to strong values, high quality education, and creating a better life for her children became the founding principle of the LEMO Foundation.

Inspired by Betty’s commitment to family, T founded LEMO Foundation to honor her memory and began his own journey to create opportunities for under-resourced teens to pursue their dreams for a better life.  On September 11, 2008, Ali and T opened their modest two-bedroom apartment to teens in need from the community.  They turned their dining room into an academic resource center with two desktop computers, converted their family room into an additional bedroom for youth that needed a warm place to sleep, and utilized the hills surrounding their apartment and a local track as their workout facility.  They were completely committed.

Today, LEMO impacts hundreds of kids and directly supports 20 Playmakers each year with academic support, athletic training and life skills development.