Lemo Q & A

What does Lemo mean?
LEMO stands for Liahona Motu. Liahona means “compass” and Motu means “rock.” LEMO provides under-resourced youth with the tools (compass) to navigate life challenges and the foundation (rock) to go forward with confidence.

What is a Playmaker?
Playmakers are the under-resourced young men and women who have shown the desire to set the goal of becoming their best self and the passion and commitment to do so. LEMO supports 20 Playmakers, ages 12-18. Each year we select new Playmakers (“rookies”) to replace graduating seniors from high school. Rookies are tested and evaluated through the GT Performance Program, which provides athletic training to aspiring athletes from the community. After graduation from high school, Playmakers continue to receive support and nurturing through the Next Level program.

What differentiates LEMO?

  • Focus: We focus on the complete individual through our dedication to academics, athletics and life skills.
  • Credibility: The Team has lived through the challenges that Playmakers face every day.
  • Expertise: Skilled tutors and high-level athletes on staff.
  • Sponsorship: Partnerships with top local high schools: Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton), Saint Francis High School, Menlo High School, Bellarmine Preparatory, and Junipero Serra High School.
  • Experience: Board of Directors made up of local business leaders.

What are the statistics, how has LEMO done?
To date, LEMO has observed the following results:

  • Significant improvements in Playmaker GPA
  • 100% graduation rate from high school
  • 100% college acceptance and attendance
  • 75% of Playmakers have received high school or collegiate scholarships totaling in excess of $4.5 million.

Playmakers have received scholarships from the following schools:
University of Oregon, University of Hawaii, University of Mississippi, Iowa State, Washington State University, UNLV, University of Memphis, University of Portland, San Jose State University, Academy of Art University & more.

How to become a Playmaker?
Playmakers are selected through our GT Performance Program or through direct introduction to our team. If you know of a high aptitude teenager that is sharp, driven, and coachable, please contact us (http://www.lemofoundation.org/contact-us/) about signing up for GT Performance.