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The LEMO ECOSYSTEM is a fully-integrated athletic, academic and life skills mentoring machine.  LEMO is not a program, rather a family that requires 100% commitment from our Playmakers, which will in-turn provide them with the support, encouragement, and drive in order to guarantee their success.


LEMO is a grass roots approach built from the interests, desires and issues of youth today - creating not only an agile organization, but a relatable one for our Playmakers.  Surrounding that core is an athletic context which teaches the elements of focus, intensity, goal-orientation, competition and winning that paint the portrait of an athlete.  Beyond athletics, these elements constitute the recipe of success itself.  They interweave to form the DNA of a champion - the LEMO Playmaker.



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Nutrition plans, school supplies, athletic equipment as well as access to facilities enable Playmakers to achieve the full benefits of the healthy LEMO lifestyle.




LEMO Playmakers are provided with daily exposure to a multi-faceted group of professionals & community leaders.




Individually customized academic plans, multi-channel mentoring programs and LEMO Family support & guidance for life.



lemo core values


LEADERSHIP is the ability to drive change, improvement and growth through the powerful influence of positivity.  It is making what is best more compelling than what is easiest and inspiring others to be confident in doing the same.  LEADERSHIP IS THE CULTURE OF LEMO.


ECOSYSTEM is the raw natural network of interrelationships and interdependencies that create balance and allow for survival.  It is the glue of family and the reminder that success is not a one-person sport. LEMO IS THE ECOSYSTEM.


MOTIVATION is the fire from which success is born.  It is the clean, sustainable energy created from passion and belief.  MOTIVATION IS THE EPITOME OF LEMO"S MISSION AND VISION.


OWNERSHIP is about making everything a matter of personal integrity and never having an excuse. It is boldly striding forward with the fearlessness of maturity.  OWNERSHIP IS THE STRENGTH, COURAGE AND PRIDE OF LEMO.